Oct 15 2011

Top 5 iPhone 4S Accessories

Apple’s next generation smartphone has finally hit the market after months of delays. The iPhone 4S comes with the same design as the iPhone 4, upgraded A5 processor, double the ram, 8.0 megapixel camera, and even Siri enunciate controls. If you’re one of the lucky ones and purchased an iPhone 4S, then the only affair left to do is accessorize it of course. Here are the Top 5iPhone 4S accessories we recommend.

Amzer Luxe Argyle TPU Case
Get the high gloss look of a hard case and the elasticity and amazement amalgamation of a silicone. The Amzer Luxe Argyle TPU will avert your iPhone 4S from receiving damaged and also add style to your Darling Apple device.

Kensington Travel Battery Pack
Keep your iPhone 4S from running out of power with the Kensington Travel Battery Pack. It comes with enough power to give you an added 7 hours of video and 5 hours of talk time and has fold out tips to charge and recharge.

Amzer Screen Protector
Anyone who’s owned a touchscreen knows how basic it is to take care of it. Dings and scratches not only inhibit the behavior of your display, but can also be annoying as well. Protect it with the Amzer Screen Protector and you can make sure it by no means gets damaged.

Motorola S10 Bluetooth Headset
Listen to music and take calls with the Motorola S10 Bluetooth Headset. Not only does it have a acrobatic lightweight design, but its high-quality noise-reduction will make sure you get heard loud and clear.

iLuv® Stereo Speaker Dock
Wake up on-time with your iPhone 4S emotional and done with the iLuv Stereo Speaker Dock. You can download a free iLuv alarm clock app and also view your clock in both a flat and perpendicular viewing angle.


Earlier today, Apple finally took the wraps off their new iPhone. The association may have disappointed some addressees who were pregnant an iPhone 5, but they didn’t authorization us iPhone fanatics absolutely blank handed. Although theiPhone 4S may have the same exterior as the iPhone 4, it is definitely showy some upgrades on the inside.

Faster A5 processor: The iPhone 4S will feature an A5 dual-core processor, which is an upgrade from the iPhone 4′s A4 single-core processor. This will make the iPhone 4S seven times closer than its predecessor.

8 megapixel camera: One of the main upgrades is the move from iPhone 4′s 5 megapixel camera to the 4S’s 8 megapixel camera. This upgraded camera is also able of assassination 1080p video with bronze stabilization.

Siri: The feature that really makes the iPhone 4S stand out is Siri, the admit of the art enunciate control code by Apple. With this, you can basically control everything on your phone by by only your voice. Simply beseech the botton and ask Siri anyplace assured restaurants are, put dates in your calender, set reminders for to-do’s, the  possibilities are endless.

Better antenna: After complaints regarding the iPhone 4′s poor antenna performance, Apple has upgraded the antenna on their iPhone 4S. The new clock will come loaded with a dual antenna code that switches back and onward amongst them to send and recieve functions.

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